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Middle School Sunday Discussion Guide

Why Am I So Depressed?

By September 18, 2022No Comments

Sunday Discussion Guide
At-Home Conversation Starters

Series: Outta My Mind
Topic: Part 2—Why Am I So Depressed
Speaker: Scotty Priest, Lead Pastor
Date: September 18, 2022

Overview: In this message, Scotty discussed how many people struggle with feeling isolated, lonely, discouraged and depressed. A lot of times, these feelings can come from circumstances that are happening in our lives, or they can be fueled by comparing ourselves to others and losing sight of the truth and facts of Scripture. Scotty reminded us that its not wrong to feel sad and discouraged, and he gave us some practical steps to find “The Way Out”:

  1. Step Into A Needed Recovery
  2. Step Into An Encounter With God
  3. Step Into My True Identity
  4. Step Into A New Assignment
  5. Step Into Relationships

Discussion Questions:

  1. What seems to make you feel overwhelmed? When do you feel most discouraged?
  2. Who do you talk to when you are feeling discouraged? As your parents, how can we help you when you feel this way?
  3. How can we help you better connect with God when you are feeling discouraged? What is the next step that you need to take to better connect in your relationship with God?

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