Make Room For More

What is Build?

It’s all about people. We want to be ready to make more room for people to take their next steps with Jesus.

The goal for this project is $8 million dollars and it’s going to take all of us, going ALL IN.

Each of us who call Journey home are asking God what we can commit to give to the BUILD initiative over the next two years to make room for more. More families, more baptisms, more stories of life change, more people finding their way back to God. Our heart is to meet people where they are at, and help them take their next steps with Jesus.

One Year Anniversary Update
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(as of January 29, 2023)


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Are you ready to make room for more?

How has giving to BUILD impacted your life?

Build Booklet

Want to know more about Build? Download our Build brochure for a roadmap as we journey through this initiative.

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Hear from people in our church who are going all in for BUILD.





Chris & Kim


Matt & Joanna


Ryan & Johanna


James & Holly


BUILD Sermon Series

Part 1

God called Abraham (Abram at the time) to be “ALL IN” on a life he could not yet see—to a path that was uncertain. Do you allow God to do with your life what He wishes to do?

Part 2

How do we go from sitting on the sidelines watching Jesus to being a devoted follower of Jesus? Do you ever wonder what it looks like to truly go ALL IN with your faith?

Part 3

What excuses are stopping us from really going ALL IN? God meets us in those excuses and how despite everything going on in our lives, we can still go ALL IN for Him.

Part 4

What does it mean to be ALL IN with our money? How can we be people who live open handed when it comes to our finances? We’ll look at some of the myths that surround money, giving, and how we can be Kingdom builders with our finances.

Part 5

Choosing to be ALL IN doesn’t mean that God is always going to ask us to leave where we are. Sometimes it might mean that He will ask us to stay—to press into where we are at in life, the people that surround us, and the opportunities He has put in front of us.

Part 6

In being obedient to God, sometimes we have to go ALL IN before we can fully understand everything. In those moments of faith, we can trust that if we walk in obedience, He will take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give to BUILD?

Thank you for making a commitment to BUILD above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings. The giving period is for the next two years until March 2024.

Please be sure to designate “BUILD” so your contribution is applied toward your BUILD commitment. You will receive quarterly giving statements showing your donations. We also ask that you choose a low fee, or no fee option for your giving in order to save the church on transaction or processing fees.

One-Time Gifts of Cash

The best way to give a one time gift is through a personal check, bank check, or bank transfer via ACH, or through a direct wire transaction.

Gifts Over $5,000.00

For financial donations over $5,000.00 we ask that you give via wire transfer or bank transfer via ACH. Please contact our financial team for the necessary instructions.

Monthly Giving On a Recurring Basis

The best way to give regularly to Journey is to set up a recurring transaction through your bank’s online bill payment system. Just like a check or cash, this saves the church on transaction fees when processing debit and credit card transactions.

To do so, set up Journey as a payee in your online banking via: Journey Church Colorado, 9009 Clydesdale Road, Castle Rock, CO 80108.

Or you can donate online to set up a recurring ACH transaction by selecting “bank account” under the “payment method” section.

Giving Stock or Non-Cash Assets

The Journey Legacy Impact Fund allows you to give non-cash assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, insurance, wills, living trusts, remainder annuities, and split-interest gifts. Because gifts are nuanced please follow these instructions, or contact our financial team for assistance.

Giving From Your Donor Advised Fund, Investment or Retirement Account

When requested, some DAF’s or investment accounts will send a paper check directly to the church address: Journey Church Colorado, 9009 Clydesdale Road, Castle Rock, CO 80108

Typically they will require the church tax EIN# 20-0182109. Please contact our financial team if you or your broker have any questions.

Employer Donation Matching

Many companies and employers are providing an opportunity to receive matching donations or grants for funds donated directly to Journey on their behalf because we are a 501(c)3 non-profit. This allows employees to give directly to Journey, and then their employer matches the giving or sometimes increases the donation amount to Journey. Please contact your employer’s human resources department to see if this is available for you.

For any questions or assistance setting up your giving to BUILD that is above and beyond your regular tithes and offerings, please contact our financial team anytime.

What will the $8M funds for the BUILD campaign be used for?

We will complete the current facility and use funds to expand to a second location.

Do we already have permission from the county to build?

Yes! We completed a multi-year USR – Use by Special Review process in the summer of 2019 which gave us permission to complete the phase 2 expansion on our property.

When can we begin construction?

We hope to break ground as early as April of 2022.

Will we need to miss Sunday services during construction?

No. We are working with our contractor to phase the construction progress so that our Sunday worship services and weekly ministries are not disrupted.

How long will the construction take?

The estimate for the project is 8-12 months. This is primarily related to supply chain issues for materials. We hope to be in the new building by Easter of 2023.

How will the additional space be used?

We are increasing auditorium space by over 45%, more than doubling the room for kids and students, adding additional gathering and classroom space for adults, and expanding our capacity to create video and audio content.

Why don’t we build it bigger?

We are building the maximum allowable building and parking allowed by the county.

What are the best ways to give?

We encourage you to pray and ask God what you should give, and do what God says. For some this will be through one time gifts from stored assets (cash, stocks, real estate, bitcoin, etc.) or through ongoing monthly contributions.

How long is my commitment?

The giving period is March 2022 – March 2024. Pray and ask God what you should commit to giving toward BUILD that is above and beyond your regular giving for the next two years. This could include gifts from stored assets such as stocks, savings, real estate, etc.