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The Early Days

By March 27, 2022March 29th, 2022No Comments

Message Title // The Early Days – Everybody has a Story / Past (Matthew – Part 1)
Message Date // March 27, 2022 (Scotty Priest)

Discussion Questions

1. Matthew 1:1 – This is the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah the son of David, the son Abraham:
From here the text goes on to list out the family line of Jesus. Tamar, Rahab and Uriah’s wife are highlighted in the sermon, reminding us that the lineage of Jesus was full of brokenness and sinners. Why do you think God chose to bring His Son into the world in this way?

2. Read through Matthew 9:9-13 as a group and consider Matthew’s story. Knowing his past, Jesus called Matthew to follow him. Why Matthew? Then he went to his house to share a meal where the Pharisees could see. Why be so public? And finally, discuss Jesus’ response in vs. 12-13. Your story matters to God just as Matthew’s did!

3. Your story can be redeemed! God wants to use all of our story for his glory and as building blocks in your life. We can share the goodness and grace of God from this place. What parts of your story are baggage, keeping you stuck? And, where have you experienced God’s redeeming grace and now see how God is using your story as building blocks?

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