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The Church at Sardis

By March 13, 2022March 14th, 2022No Comments

Message Title // The Church At Sardis
Message Date // March 13, 2022 (Dr. Alex Himaya)

Discussion Questions

1. Going through the motions will make you tired.
Our lives can be full of distractions, packed schedules and choices that may be keeping us from the life we want to live. This leaves us feeling tired and even spiritually dead. Where in your life do you sense you may be going through the motions?

2. How do you see your response to the above question impacting your daily life and your relationship with God? If you believe you need to make a change, share with your group one thing that you want to do differently this week?

3. Take a moment to go back and read through Revelation 12:10-11.
The story is written and we know who wins! Dr. Alex Himaya challenged us to write our testimony and no matter where you are at in your journey with Christ, you have a story to share!
If you are comfortable, share your testimony with one another or take a moment to write it out in silence. It might be helpful to follow these three prompts, 1. your life before Christ, 2. how you came to know Christ, and 3. how you are living out your salvation and faith in Jesus.
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