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Do-Over – Part 4

By May 3, 2021No Comments

Message Series // Do Over Pt. 4 – The Comeback (Life of Peter)

Message Date // May 2, 2021 (Cory Bragg)

Big Idea

Throughout the course of life, we will make mistakes. It’s not IF we will mess up, but WHEN we will mess up. And when those unglamorous moments occur in our life, we could sure use a “do-over”. If this is you, the encouraging news is that you are not alone. All of us will do something dumb, and all of us will graciously need a “do-over”. We find this situation a lot in Bible through the life of Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples. He can have a tendency to not think things through and react too quickly…sometimes over-reacting. In this series, we will take a look at different times Peter messed things up and Jesus gave him a do-over…and may we find comfort in knowing that Jesus will give us a fresh start after mistakes we make.

“And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers” – Luke 22:31b (Jesus speaking to Peter)


Read Matthew Luke 22:31-34 and 54-62. These events take place the day before and the morning of Jesus’ crucifixion. Despite Peter’s attempt to remain faithful to Jesus, we see Jesus’ prediction of Peter’s setback come to fruition. Read the end of verse 54 again. It’s interesting how our spiritual setbacks can create a distance between Jesus and us. How do we see this unfold between Peter and Jesus in these verses? How have you seen your own setbacks in your relationship with Jesus create distance?

Read John 21:1-8. In this scene, it takes place a few days after Jesus’ resurrection. We see the beginning of Peter’s do- over…his restoration in his relationship with Jesus. Peter’s setbacks have created distance between him and Jesus, but the great news was that Jesus hadn’t given up on Peter. Jesus was for Peter, pursued Peter, and still believed in him. Peter’s SETBACK had a COMEBACK because Jesus had his BACK. How do you see this played out in these verses? Do you believe Jesus goes to the same extent with you? Why or why not?

Read John 21:15-17. There is a dialogue between Jesus and Peter at a campfire after Peter and the disciples made it to the shore. Jesus never brings up the times Peter denied him, but Jesus does give him a purpose…which was to help guide this new movement called “the Church” (“feed my sheep”). Jesus was taking Peter’s mistakes and turning them into a ministry. Why were Peter’s mistakes necessary for Jesus to launch him into ministry? How have you seen Christ use your mistakes as an opportunity for ministry?

Next Steps

Like Peter…your SETBACK can have a COMEBACK because Jesus has your BACK. If Jesus invited you to sit down at a campfire and gave you a do-over….what would that do-over be for you personally? Name your do-over and commit to taking one next step toward change. How can your small group help?

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