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Do-Over – Part 3

By April 25, 2021No Comments

Message Series // Do Over Pt. 3 – Walking Water (Life of Peter)

Message Date // April 25, 2021 (Geoff Surratt)

Big Idea

Throughout the course of life, we will make mistakes. It’s not IF we will mess up, but WHEN we will mess up. And when those unglamorous moments occur in our life, we could sure use a “do-over”. If this is you, the encouraging news is that you are not alone. All of us will do something dumb, and all of us will graciously need a “do-over”. We find this situation a lot in Bible through the life of Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples. He can have a tendency to not think things through and react too quickly…sometimes over-reacting. In this series, we will take a look at different times Peter messed things up and Jesus gave him a do-over…and may we find comfort in knowing that Jesus will give us a fresh start after mistakes we make.

“Then Peter got out of the boat, walked on water and came toward Jesus.” – Matthew 14:29


Read Matthew 14:22-32. In this story, we read about Peter getting the opportunity to walk on water…and yet still finding a way to mess it up. Peter took an amazing leap of faith, took his eyes off Jesus, and then found himself in deep trouble. At the heart of this Peter story, it’s ultimately not a lesson on risk-taking…it’s a lesson on obedience. It’s about getting to a place where we are no longer satisfied with a “comfortable faith” because God is prompting something in us that is uncomfortable. If the “boat” could represent everything in your life that maintains a comfortable faith, what would you say your “boat” is? What have you constructed in your life currently that is keeping your walk with Jesus comfortable?

Part of learning how to be a water walker is being willing to confront fear…whatever “fears” that keep you in the boat. Peter was terrified, but he climbed out anyways…and he couldn’t have experienced the thrill of walking on water without confronting fear. The truth is that there is beauty on the other side of fear. What are some of your personal fears you battle when it comes to following Jesus? What honestly scares you about obediently stepping out of a comfortable faith?

In the end, Jesus’ goal for Peter was not necessarily to walk on water, but to walk with him. This change of perspective is necessary when it comes to stepping out of our comfortable faith. Walking with Jesus in the midst of fear can be a game changer because you know you are not alone. However, we also need to realize that when Jesus lived on this earth, he walked in some crazy places and with some unlikely people…and he might want the same for you. What are some situations or places God is laying on your heart to step out of the boat and walk toward? How does knowing that Jesus is willing to walk with you into the struggle help?

Next Steps

As we reflect on the story, it’s needs to be noted that Peter failed at walking on water, but we also need to acknowledge the courage it took for him to be the only one of the 12 disciples to get out of the boat. The worst failure isn’t sinking…it’s never getting out of the boat. How sad would it be for us, as followers of Jesus, to live our whole lives and never get out of the boat. What is one next step you need to take to step out of your comfortable faith, be obedient to some of thing things God is laying on your heart, and experience the power of seeing what God can do with your step of faith? How can your small group help you “get out of the boat”?

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