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Middle School Sunday Discussion Guide

The Way – Part 4

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Series: The Way
Topic: Pt. 4 – Worship
Speaker: Scotty Priest, Lead Pastor
Date: January 29, 2023

Overview: In this message, Scotty discussed the importance of being in community with other believers. We have all experienced moments of feeling isolated and lonely. These feelings that we have are designed to point us to our need for community. Finding community can feel awkward and weird, but if we are intentional and stick it out, community is one of the biggest blessings that we can experience in life.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do you think it means to be in community with other people?
  2. How does a community, centered around Jesus, differ from other examples of community in your life?
  3. What makes it difficult/scary for you to participate in a small group?
  4. Why do you think Jesus wants us to be in community with others?
  5. What is the benefit of being in community with people who may be different than you?

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