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The Power of a Testimony

By February 14, 2021No Comments

Message Series // Stand Alone – “Testimony”

Message Date // February 14, 2021 (Guest Speaker – Dr. Alex Himaya)

Big Idea

In this world we live in, with all that is going on politically, economically, mentally, and emotionally, it can be easy for us to lose hope. However, as people who’s lives have been changed through a relationship with Jesus, we have hope. Why? Because in the end, we win! The end of the Bible (the book of Revelation) tells us that we only have one enemy, Satan. And we, the Church, ultimately defeat Satan with two things…the power of Christ’s victory on the cross, and our own personal stories of how Jesus changed us. This is good news, and this also gives us hope while everything around us seems to feel hopeless.

“They overcame [Satan] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” – Revelation 12:11


When you look at the current state and direction our world seems to be going, where are you honestly struggling to find hope? In what ways you are truly finding hope?

Read Revelation 12:11. When we get the chance to peer into the future by reading this one verse, we find ultimate hope because we, the Church, win! We have one enemy, Satan, and we will defeat him with two things…(1) the “blood of the Lamb”, and (2) the word of our “testimony”. The “blood of the Lamb” refers to the powerful work of Jesus in the past. On the cross, Jesus was crucified as a sacrifice on our behalf to pay the penalty we deserve because of our sin. His blood is the payment we owe because of our disobedience to God, and by it we claim victory over Satan. What does this victory that Jesus claimed 2,000 years ago mean to you today?

The second thing that defeats Satan is testimony. A testimony, in this instance, is a story of when Jesus changed one’s life. If Jesus has changed your life and you have a relationship with Him, YOU HAVE A TESTIMONY. It includes what your life was like before you started a relationship with Jesus, the moment He changed your life, and how your life has been different ever since. Have you ever thought through your testimony? What is your testimony…the story of Jesus changing your life?

Next Steps

Read Acts 21:37-22:21. In these verses, the Apostle Paul shares his testimony. Just like Paul’s testimony is written down, a great next step you can take is to write your personal testimony down. It can be as short or as long as you want, but it can be boiled down to 3 paragraphs. The three paragraphs include (1) what your life was like before Jesus changed it, (2) the moment you began a relationship with Jesus, and (3) how Jesus has changed your life ever since. After you write it down, practice sharing your testimony with your small group. Who knows, maybe God will provide a future opportunity for you to share your “testimony” with someone who needs to hear it.

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