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Mid-Week at Home

Self-Centered or God-Centered?

By September 28, 2022No Comments

Mid-Week at Home
Wednesday Night Discussion Questions


Series: The Book of James

Topic: James 4—”Self-Centered or God-Centered?”

Speaker: Nathan Sell, Middle School Pastor

Date: September 28, 2022



Who we are living for can be seen by our actions. As disciples of Christ we are called to live for Christ and like Christ. We are called to represent Him in every aspect of our lives. So, what do our actions speak about who we are living for? Are we living lives that are “Self-Centered” or “God-Centered”?


Discussion Questions:


  1. What do you think it means to be “self-centered”?
  2. How can you tell if someone is living for themselves or living a life for Christ?
  3. Why do you think obedience is ultimately the key to determining if someone is self-centered or God-centered?
  4. What steps can you take to live a life that is more focused on God than yourself?
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