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Step 2 of Crash Course is a self-directed online experience designed to help you discover, through a series of assessments, how God has uniquely created you to make a difference.


  1. Watch Scotty’s updated Crash Course video if you have not watched it yet, or if you want to rewatch it.
  2. Next, complete each assessment below by clicking on the individual links. There are 3 different assessments to complete: DISC personality, Spiritual Gifts, and Passions and Abilities.
  3. Each assessment has a link to a PDF file. You can choose one of two options with each PDF file. Option 1 is to download the PDF file and fill it out by hand. Option 2 is to click on the PDF file link, fill it out digitally, and then download it.
  4. Print all 3 assessments and be ready to bring them to step 2, Discover Class.
  5. Once you have completed all assessments, register for Discover Class (if you haven’t already).


God has gifted you with amazing spiritual gifts that become activated once you begin a relationship with Jesus. All these gifts God gave you are for the building up of the Church and for carrying the message of Jesus to those who don’t yet have a relationship with Him. Click on the link to begin the assessment.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment


God has created you with a unique personality. There are different personality assessments available to take. For this session, we have chosen the DISC personality assessment. Click on the link to begin the assessment.

DISC Personality Assessment


There are certain passions and abilities that God has crafted you with. These are life-giving activities and pursuits that provide opportunities to make a God-given difference in the world. Click on the link to see a list of multiple passions and abilities. Check off the ones that you identify with.

Passions & Abilities List
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