Message Title //
Sermon on the Mount — Lust
Message Date // July 17, 2022 (Scotty Priest)

Discussion Questions

* Sunday’s message revolved around a very sensitive topic. It’s something we all deal with in different ways. If you attend a co-ed small group, we encourage small groups to split between men and women to discuss these questions.

  1. Read Matthew 5:27-30. Whether we realize it or not, the power of sexual lust affects everyone. Growing up, what was your understanding or experience with sexual lust? How did you see it played out in the lives of you, your family, and/or friends, especially when it comes to adultery and pornography?
  2. Jesus, in these verses, shares some pretty radical ways we need to deal with sexual lust. Of course he isn’t telling us to literally gouge out our eyes or cut off our hands, but Jesus is trying to tell us that it’s important we do whatever is necessary to avoid it. Why do you think Jesus wants us to take a radical approach when dealing with the problem of sexual sin? Does the culture we live in also encourage this same approach? Why or why not?
  3. A pastor named Craig Groeschel is quoted as saying, “Why resist a temptation in the future when you have the power to eliminate it today?” What is one next step you can take today to deal with sexual sin, whether it be confessing, fleeing, and setting up important boundaries? What is one way your small group can support you?