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Living a Life of Godliness

By May 15, 2022May 17th, 2022No Comments

Message Title //
Living a Life of Godliness
Message Date // May 15, 2022 (Wade Smith)

Discussion Questions
  1. When we think about training in the context of living a Godly life, what are some spiritual disciplines you have in place that keep you centered on Christ and growing? Are there any disciplines you would like to implement? 
  2. In what ways has shame, fear or culture distracted you from God’s truth and grace?
  3. We can find comfort in knowing that God has given us what we need to live our lives for Him, and that our strength is in Christ alone! Pastor Wade laid out a list of “God gave us…”
  • God gave us Jesus
  • God gave us the Holy Spirit
  • God gave us his scripture
  • God gave us community
  • God gave us armor
  • God gave us our testimony/story

As you discuss the list above, how have you seen God provide? Maybe an answered prayer, hope through God’s word in a difficult time or joy in community.

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