Mid-Week at Home

How to Read the Bible

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Mid-Week at Home
Wednesday Night Discussion Questions


Series: How To Read The Bible
Topic: Part 1— Jesus is King and Context is Everything
Speaker: Nathan Sell, Middle School Pastor
Date: January 11, 2023


The Bible is full of Scriptures that speak life and truth to us. But reading Scripture, and reading it correctly, are two totally different things. Sometimes, when we face struggles, we scan Scripture trying to find any verse that seems remotely associated with what we are dealing with. But is that really what that Scripture is saying? Without reading Scripture in context, we struggle to understand the real truth that Scripture is speaking. Often times, we are also tempted to disregard Scriptures that we disagree with. However, we must always remember that “Jesus is King and Context is Everything” when we are reading Scripture.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Who are some different authority figures in your life? What/who gives someone authority?
  2. Who or what does Jesus have authority over? If Jesus has authority over us, what does that mean for us?
  3. What is context? Why is context important when you are reading a story or trying to understand something?
  4. How does understanding context in Scripture help us better understand what Scripture is saying?
  5. What are some ways that you can try to better understand what Scripture is saying?