Sunday Discussion Guide
At-Home Conversation Starters

Series: Finding Purpose

Topic: Part 1

Speaker: Scotty Priest, Lead Pastor

Date: October 9, 2022


Overview: In this message, Scotty discussed three ways that God works in our lives, which allows us to discover our purpose. First, we see God as an Architect— God has a master plan for us and all of humanity. A lot of times, though, we turn to the wrong source to find our purpose. This is where we see God as an author— God is always writing and making edits which allows us to continue participating in God’s greater story. Finally, we see God as an archaeologist as He wants to dig our potential out of us so that we can live the life that He desires for us.


Discussion Questions:

  1. When you turn to the world to find your purpose, how does the world define you? How does it make you feel when the world defines you based on what you do?
  2. When you turn to Christ to find your purpose, how does that compare to how the world defines you? How does it make you feel to know that God defines you based on Christ’s work on the cross?
  3. Where do you think God might be working in your life? How do you think you can join Him where He is working, and have a positive impact on others for Christ?