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Final Words – Part 3

By March 28, 2021No Comments

Message Series // Final Words Part 3 (Jesus’ Final Prayer)

Message Date // March 28, 2021 (Pastor Geoff Surratt)

Big Idea

During this teaching series, we are taking a look at some of the last words Jesus spoke before his death on the cross. In the Bible book of John, the apostle John captures words Jesus spoke during the Last Supper. The words are spoken with boldness and humility, and John must have felt the obligation to make sure audiences that weren’t present at the meal were able to get a glimpse into what was important to Jesus. May we, 2,000 years later, listen to these words and understand how we can live them out in our own lives.

“My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message…” – John 17:20


Read John 17:20-26. Focus back again on verse 20. One of the things we need to fully grasp about Jesus is that it’s always about what he wants FOR us, not FROM us. And this is good news because Jesus’ interaction with us is not TRANSACTIONAL, it’s very RELATIONAL. One of the ways Jesus shows this is by praying for us. John 17:20 highlights this (also look at Hebrews 7:25). Why is this important? Have you ever thought about the fact that Jesus did and continues to pray for you? How does this add to your understanding of Jesus?

As we read through Jesus’ prayer, there are many things he prays for when it comes to his followers…when it comes to us. Four of these areas are…

Praying for PROTECTION more than SAFETY. (John 17:11, 15. John 16:33.)
Praying for UNITY more than UNIFORMITY. (John 17:22-23. Galatians 3:28.)
Praying for JOY more than HAPPINESS. (John 17:13.)
Praying for ETERNITY more than TODAY. (John 17:24. 1 Corinthians 15:19. Ecclesiastes 3:11.)

What is it about these 4 areas that are so important that Jesus would pray them and Apostle John would record them?

Of these 4 areas, which one jumps out to you the most and why? Which one do you see Jesus praying for you to understand more in this season of your life?

Next Steps

Over the course of of this next week, commit to start praying over these 4 areas in your life…that God would allow you to understand what they mean, why Jesus would pray those things for you, and how you can practically live them out in your home, neighborhood, work place, small group, church, and more.

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