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Mid-Week at Home

Enslaved or Set Free?

By October 5, 2022No Comments

Mid-Week at Home
Wednesday Night Discussion Questions


Series: The Book of James
Topic: James 5—”Enslaved or Set Free?”
Speaker: Wade Smith, Location Pastor
Date: October 5, 2022


Confession is a difficult thing for most people to do, but it’s through confession that Scripture says we can find freedom. As we confess our sins to God, we realize our need for forgiveness and salvation— eternal freedom. However, Scripture also tells us to confess to one another so that we can find freedom from the struggles that we face. This can be incredibly difficult for us to do, much less for a student to do, but it is through confession that people can come alongside us and help us overcome our struggles.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What makes it difficult or uncomfortable for you to confess what you are struggling with?
  2. When you are struggling with something, who are you able to go to so that you can be honest with them and receive help?
  3. How can we make ourselves more available, or help you feel more comfortable in talking to us when you are struggling with something?
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