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Message Series // Easter – It’s Not Over
Message Date // April 12, 2020 (Scotty Priest)

Big Idea

Today we celebrate one of the greatest miracles recorded in human history…the Resurrection. Jesus defeated death and robbed the grave! The Resurrection reminds us that God is faithful to His promises and that in the midst of the darkest moments, it’s not over. It’s never over. God has and always will come through.

“[Jesus] is not here. He is risen, just as he said.” – Matthew 28:6


Read Matthew 28:1-7. As you read these verses, spend some time focusing on verse 6. These two women, both named Mary, arrive at the tomb early on Sunday morning where Jesus had been buried. Their expectation was that Jesus would still be there inside the tomb…that both the stone and guard would still be in place. Their expectation, and everyone else’s, was that Jesus was still dead. For us, if we were to be honest, in the moment of our mess it is impossible to see the miracles that are actually happening all around us. How was this true for the two women? How has this been true for you?

When the two women arrive, they encounter an angel. The angel communicates words of hope, letting them know that Jesus has risen…that he has resurrected! Light breaks through and the empty tomb shouts…”It’s not over!” Place yourself in the shoes of the women…what is going through your mind? In what ways have you personally experienced a moment where you thought things were over in your life, but Jesus came through in a way that reminded you it’s not over?

Not only does the angel let the women know that Jesus had resurrected, but he also reminds that them Jesus has said this would happen. Jesus was a keeper of his promise, and he can be trusted. If Jesus can be trusted to be raised from the grave, he can be trusted with all the other things he said he would do. Why is this a good reminder? How have you seen the faithfulness of God making things new in your own life? What are some things you are currently trusting Jesus to make new some day?

Next Steps

As we reflect on Easter 2020, and the craziness surrounding the global Coronavirus pandemic, the resurrection reminds us that Jesus is saying…”There will be a future, and because you have a relationship with me we will be in it together. I’m going ahead of you, and you can best believe I’ll see you there.” Spend some time today conversing with the risen Christ. Share with him your fears, hopes, and dreams. And as you pray, allow the power of the resurrection to fill you with hope that God will come through.

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