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Bumping Into Jesus – Part 1

By November 1, 2020November 15th, 2020No Comments

Message Series // Bumping Into Jesus Pt. 1 – The Wedding At Cana (John 2:1-11)

Message Date // November 1, 2020 (Scotty Priest)

Big Idea

Have you ever bumped into someone and known right away that they were your type of person (or not)? It can be a powerful thing when we bump into someone that can change the course of our life in a good way. This is what happened for many that bumped into Jesus when he lived here on earth. They intersected with Jesus, and their lives were radically altered. This series is an opportunity for us to “bump into” Jesus through the stories in the Bible of others who encountered him. It’s a chance for us to come back to Jesus and see him for who he really is…and to realize how caring, powerful, and irresistible Jesus can be.

“Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now .” – John 2:10


Read John 2:1-11. This story tells us about Jesus’ first miracle he performed, which he turned a crazy amount of water into wine at a wedding. But we must ask why Jesus is at the wedding in the first place, and we can find that answer in verse 2. Jesus was INVITED to the wedding. Jesus steps in when he is invited, and we might even be surprised where he shows up. In our lives it might not be a wedding, but it can be places like our calendar, finances, dating life, painful memories, and more. What areas have you invited Jesus into your life and seen him show up? Have any of those times been a surprise to you?

Re-read John 2:3-5. As we get further into the story, we learn that the crisis at the wedding is that the wine jars are empty, which would have been a huge mistake and embarrassment in that culture. But Mary, Jesus’ mother, knew who to get involved. Her son. In this season, many of us might be feeling like we are also living on empty…running out of finances, job opportunities, and emotional strength. And if we were to be honest, it’s easy for us to go to every other source to fill the void except for Jesus. What are some of those different sources we go to besides Jesus when we feel like we are running on empty? Why would we rather go to all those other sources than Jesus to recover from “empty”?

Part of Jesus’ first recorded miracle was him asking servants to go fill 6 huge 20-30 gallon cisterns full of water. That’s a lot of water to pull up from the well…and the need is wine, not water. It would have been very easy for the servants to be lazy and fill the jars half way, but they didn’t. They filled each one to the brim. They gave their best, and as a result got to experience a greater miracle. When we bring out best to God (even when we are feeling empty), it can be amazing what God can do with it. Can you think of a time where you’ve seen God do something amazing when you’ve brought your best? What was that experience like?

Next Steps

In the story, Mary tells the servants to…”Do whatever [Jesus] tells you.” That is great advice. What is one thing you know Jesus is wanting you to do, and what is the next step you can take to make it happen? Remember, bring your best to God, even if you are running on empty, because the greater you will see God work.

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