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All In – Part 3

By February 6, 2022February 7th, 2022No Comments

Message Series // All In – (Part 3)
Message Date // February 6, 2022 (Scotty Priest)


1. What’s your favorite excuse?
All throughout life, we’ve used excuses for different things. It could have been getting out of a relationship, a meeting, a homework assignment, or many other situations. What’s been on of your favorite excuses you have either used or you know someone else has used?

2. Wherever, whenever, whatever… which is most difficult to surrender to God?
Read Luke 9:57-62. A lot of people, when they encounter Jesus, come up with excuses when responding to what Christ asks of them. We see this in the Bible, and it’s also a part of our world today. However, if we aren’t careful, excuses can hold us back from our relationship with God. “Wherever”, “Whenever”, and “Whatever”…which of these 3 areas is more difficult for you to surrender to God? Why?

3. Is it possible…that you are missing out because of excuses?
Today is all we are guaranteed. Is it possible that you are missing out on all God has for you because of your excuses? What is one next step you need to take to stop making excuses when it comes to following Jesus?

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