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All In – Part 1

By January 23, 2022January 24th, 2022No Comments

Message Series // All In – (Part 1)
Message Date // January 23 (Scotty Priest)


1. Have I put my YES on the table?

As we read in Genesis 12:1-5, when God asks Abram to obey, Abraham responds with a “yes”. The truth is that we are one brave choice from changing everything, and everything God has for us is on the other side of obedience. What is the “YES” God is asking you to be obedient with, and have you put your “YES” on the table?

2. What is my “NOT THIS” ?

If we are to be honest, obedience isn’t easy. And because of this, when God asks us to do something, we might give a part of us, but we choose to not go “all in”. We might tell God, “You can have all of me except __________.” What are different ways we might fill in the blank? How would you fill in the blank? What is your “Not This”?

3. Am I using my BLESSINGS to SERVE people and BUILD God’s Kingdom?

The reason why God called Abraham to “go”, even though there was uncertainty on the “where”, is because God wanted Abraham to be a blessing to others. God wanted Abraham’s life to make difference. Are you using your blessings to SERVE people and BUILD God’s Kingdom? In what ways is God prompting you to be a blessing?

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