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A Better Way – Part 1

By May 31, 2020November 15th, 2020No Comments

Message Series // A Better Way – Part 1
Message Date // May 31, 2020 (Scotty Priest)

Big Idea

During this Co-Vid 19 pandemic season, there are a lot of us who can’t wait to get our lives back to “normal”. We are more than ready for things to be the way they were. But what if one of the gifts God has given us during this time is the understanding that how we were living wasn’t the best for us? What if God has allowed us to slow down and gain a new perspective? What if God doesn’t want us to go back to our past “normal”? If we can take a step back, this season of slowing down has maybe exposed the truth that how we were living wasn’t the best for us…and that God is probably teaching us that there is a better way.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28 (the words of Jesus)


Read the story of a time Jesus spent with two sisters named Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42. What are some observations you can make between the pace at which both are functioning? Who would you say represents more the pace at which you live life? In what ways has the Co-Vid 19 pandemic exposed any “hurry” you’ve been experiencing?

As Luke writes the details of the story, he mentions that one of the results of Martha’s hurried pace was that she was “distracted” (v. 40). The problem was that her distraction prevented her from hearing Jesus’ voice. How can distraction dilute the voice of God in our lives? How can slowing down create space for us to hear God more?

When Jesus gets the opportunity to talk to Martha (v. 41-42), what are some critiques he communicates to her in love? He also lets Martha know that Mary has chosen “what is better”. It’s been said that if the Devil can’t make you BAD, he will make you BUSY. Why is this such a powerful strategy of the Devil? How has the Devil effectively used this strategy in your life, either currently or in the past?

Next Steps

Read Matthew 11:28-30. Jesus invites us to experience something better. In what ways has a hurried pace created unnecessary and heavy burdens in your life? What is one next step you can take to slow down and experience a better way Jesus has to offer…an “easier yoke”? How can your small group help you take this next step?

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