Journey Worship

Worship with Us

We are a group of musicians and creatives who desire to exalt God above all. We believe that when we come to Him with our songs and creativity, His name is lifted up and the greatness of His works are made known. It is our hope and prayer that the expressions of Journey Worship will help people see and encounter the living God.


Three weeks into the state-wide shut down during the global pandemic, with another day of nothing to do, Mark began to feel a sense of panic as he thought about all the unknowns surrounding him and his family. To try and center himself, he went and sat with his guitar and God set his heart on the Lord’s prayer and the song just came to him. In a moment of fear, anxiety, and panic, God stepped in and led Mark into a space of peace that only He could provide.

Wait Well

Like the rest of the world in 2020, Morgan found herself in a season of waiting. Knowing that season wasn’t going to end soon, one day she went to God and asked Him to show her how she could wait well. All throughout Scripture we see examples of people waiting on God to move and every single time, He comes through on His promises. We see that He is a trustworthy God and if we will just sit at His feet and trust He has good plans for us, He will take care of everything else.

Your Love Prevails

With all of her and her husband’s work canceled in a matter of 24 hours due to the global pandemic, Rachel was left wondering where their family’s next paycheck was coming from. Inspired by the writing of King David found all throughout the Bible, Rachel wanted to create a song that exalted God and spoke to the truths of who He is – our fortress, strong tower, and sanctuary in our darkest hour. She realized that she had been given an opportunity to HAVE to rely on Christ for everything and in the end, she was reminded that no matter what comes our way, His love will prevail.

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