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Support Boulder

Help support the 10 families impacted by the Boulder shooting.

Partner with King Soopers

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We have an immediate opportunity through our current Community Impact ministry to partner with King Soopers to financially benefit the 10 families impacted by the Boulder shooting this week, including the Boulder police officer’s family.
Watch fellow Journey member Judah Musick as he explains this giving opportunity.

Sooper Credit Union is matching the first $100,000 in donations!

That means anyone that you share this with will be able to get their donations doubled!

Journey Church is coming together to raise money for the families affected by the shooting at King Soopers. These families need our help, and we want to show them what a caring community looks like. This is a practical way for the family of Journey to assist our community.

Support this cause by making a donation now. The process is fast, easy, and secure. Please join us in this critical time of healing and grief with a financial donation that will relieve the families of their everyday financial stresses.

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