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To all of our group leaders from Cory and Jenny...

Fall Semester Group Re-Registration

Journey Group Leaders!

We can’t believe the summer is almost over…at least based on the school schedule. Fall is coming! And with that, Journey’s Fall Group semester officially begins September 5th.

I know it might seem early, but we are wanting to make sure we are prepared as best as possible. Part of this preparation is having you take a few minutes and re-register for the Fall Semester. Re-registration serves a couple purposes. First, we believe it’s always good for leaders to re-up their commitment to lead each semester. Second, it helps us know of any changes to your group that we need to update from behind the scenes.

So…would you please take a few minutes and fill out the re-registration form as soon as you are able? Whether you are meeting, changing rhythm, pausing for the fall, or stopping all together, we would love to know your plans. Please reach out to Jenny or I if you have any questions.

Thank you!
Cory & Jenny

August 1—31

Consistency Project

The Consistency Project is a spiritual habits initiative Journey Church participates in every year. During the month of August, we try and gain back some consistency we potentially lost during the summer in the areas of Bible reading, praying, and journaling. Our heart is that not only do we have adults, students, and kids get involved for one month, but that we continue these habits into September and beyond!

The theme of Consistency Project 2021 falls in line with our lead pastor’s vision for the year. With all we’ve had to wade through recently, Journey’s theme is to REFOCUS, RESTART, and REBUILD. And as we lean into this theme, we are going to take the time and read through the Biblical book of Acts (mostly). Our prayer is that God helps us refocus, restart, and rebuild by REDISCOVERING the roots of this thing called “Church”.

Register yourself…and pass it on to your group members!

Register Now
Sunday, August 29, 5:30—7:00 pm

Groups Rally

On the evening of Sunday, August 29th, from 5:30 pm to 7 pm, we are going to be holding our Fall Groups Rally in the Journey Parking Lot! It’s going to be a great time of food (Passport Burger food truck), tailgating, and connecting people to groups that are meeting for the fall and have room for people to join. More information to come…just mark it on your calendar. And..begin to make plans to make your tailgate situation pretty awesome and attractive!

Say Cheese!

Send Us Captured Pictures or Video of Your Group!

If you have any pictures or video (vertical preferred) that you’ve captured of your group, please email it to Jenny or Cory. Our Social Media Team would like to add them to posts so our people can see all that’s going on. Thanks!