Women's Mini 40 GRIT

20 day challenge to strengthen spiritual and physical habits

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September 7—26, 2021
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Challenge Rules

On your honor...

READ: Join our daily Bible reading plan. We found a fabulous 20-day study of the Book of Mark through the Bible App. This will allow us to dive into the Word together and fellowship daily as a larger team of women.

PRAY: Pray each day.

WRITE: Journal each day. Ideas include: thankful for, prayers, goals, dreams, scripture, etc.

DIET: Pick a healthy food plan of your choice and stick with it. No alcohol/drugs, no cheat days. You may want to lose weight, or gain weight, but the goal is a healthy diet.

EXERCISE: Work out once a day for at least 45 minutes.

WATER: Drink 3 liters of water per day. Not coffee, tea, soda… just good old fashioned water.

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Our goal is to pursue God with strong hearts and minds, give him our best each day, and by doing so bless our families, our communities, and our personal lives. These resources will help you get started. For more information contact our Women’s Pastor, Jenny Curtiss.

Reading List
Bible App
Streaks App

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September 7—26, 2021
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