Part 3 – The Junk Drawer – Money Talks – Scotty Priest – November 10, 2019

In part 3 of the MONEY TALKS teaching series, Pastor Scotty gives practical tools about how to give, save, and live with our money in the way God intends for us. Our money talks to us, and about us – and it is impossible to be financially bound and spiritually free.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” Luke 12:34

When it comes to the “junk drawer” of financial advice, there are a lot of great principles to consider. Some of the words of wisdom that Pastor Scotty mentioned in his message are:

  • Look for a money mentor or coach.
  • Opposites attract in marriage…work together to win by getting on the same page now.
  • Teach your kids to give, save, and live (in this order). Pass it on to the next generation.
  • Take small, consistent steps. It’s about the marathon versus waiting for a miracle.
  • Ask what the “more” is for. In other words, seek to be generous.

Key Verses: Luke 16:13, Matthew 14:13-20

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