“Give God 1 Year,” Part 8 of Parables – Cory Bragg – July 28, 2019

“God’s Kindness leads you toward repentance.” Romans 2:4

Part eight, the last message in our teaching series on the parables of Jesus, Pastor Cory Bragg preaches on repentance, which simply means to change the direction of your life and thinking. Throughout this series we have gone through the parables, the stories that Jesus taught, and what we can learn from them. A parable is a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson.

In today’s message from Luke 13:1-9, Pastor Cory shows us that this passages teaches us that “borrowed time is temporary” and “God is for you.” What could God do in your life if you gave something to him for one year? This one year could be a milestone in your life that turns into someone else’s marker 100 years from now. Give something to God for one year.

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