House Church Hosts

Host Responsibilities

Thank you so much for hosting a Journey House Church! The vision for Journey House Churches is to see people and families engaged in smaller environments by watching a Journey service, enjoying food together, and caring for one another. Our hope is to have 100 House Churches all over the country, hosting anywhere from 10-50 people each. Some will be adults only, some will have families with young kids, and some will be cross-generational. Each House Church might look a little different, but all will be consistent in making sure people are connecting and taking their next steps with Jesus.

a Place

Open up your home
for people to connect.
  • When – Once a month. Bi-weekly (i.e. 1st and 3rd Sundays of month). Weekly.
  • Where – Home. Dorm. Office. Barn. Anywhere you can gather and watch the service.
  • Day – Sundays are a key day, but it can be any day you are able to host and the people you invite can make it.
  • Time – Choose a time that works best for you. It could be a Sunday morning, Sunday evening, a weekday evening, or what time works best for the people you are inviting.
  • Location – Colorado. Anywhere in the U.S. and World.
  • Culture – Be engaging and warm. Champions of hospitality.


Bring others in for the experience.
  • Who – Family. Neighbors. Classmates. Workout buddies. Co-workers. Journey small group. Another Journey small group. Strangers.
  • Capacity – Based on your comfort level. Encouraging a range of 10-50 people.
  • Demographics – Based on your comfort level. Adults only (Middle School and up). Young Families only. All ages.
  • Publicity – Don’t know who to invite, or have room for more? We will connect others at Journey to your House Church who are looking to participate.

& Play

Watch and enjoy the
Journey service together.
  • Where – Watch the Journey service together on your biggest screen.
  • How – We livestream the Sunday service through our website, YouTube, and Facebook. After 12:00 pm on Sundays, the services are available “on demand.” Test your connection a day or two prior to Sunday to make sure you have worked through any potential troubleshooting issues.
  • Support – Journey’s digital support team will reach out to help make sure you are good to go.
  • Kids Option – If you are wanting to provide a learning environment for kids (Preschool-Elementary), we have online options available. Our Kids Team will be in touch to help equip you to have lessons and activities available for kids.
  • Other Options – Have a meal together. Provide refreshments. Take communion as a group.
Sermon Notes
Kids Curriculum


Connect with each other
and with Journey Church.
  • Stay connected with Journey. We are here to support you in any way you need. You can reach out at any time, and we will also reach out to let you know you are connected. We would also love your help in helping us keep track of who is connecting with your House Church by submitting metrics through an online form anytime you meet.
  • Stay connected with the people you are hosting. Find creative ways to build community.
  • Stay connected with your local community. Find ways to serve as a House Church in your community. Meeting needs around you is a great way to be the Church in action.
Post-Gathering Info
I Need Help

What Hosts Can Expect
From Journey Church

Resourcing. We will do our best to provide you with resources that will help you in hosting your Journey House Church, including:

• Host Guide to help you think through how best to launch your House Church.
• Online service announcements, worship, and sermon content.
• Online Kid programming. (if applicable)
• Avenues for people to find your House Church online and reach out to possibly attend. (only applicable for host homes that are “public”)

Training. We will provide training tools and ideas to help you grow and host well.

Relationship. We want to be available to you for questions, counsel, prayer, or any other needs you may have. We don’t want you to feel like you are all alone, but that you are a part of the greater life of Journey Church.

Kid Services

If you are wanting to provide a learning environment for kids (Preschool-Elementary), we have online options available. Our Kids Team will be in touch to help equip you to have lessons and activities available for kids.