House Churches

We want to see our people and families engage in smaller environments by watching the Journey service, enjoying food together, and caring for one another.

Join the Movement

During this time we are limited in how many people we can gather in our building. We will be launching House Churches in order to connect and care for the people in our church family. While it’s certainly fine to watch the service online by yourself, there is something about gathering together for church.

House Churches will meet once a month to watch the service together. We’ll offer different House Church homes for people to attend on the first Sundays of the month.

a Host

Start a gathering by opening up your home for people to connect.

Tell Us About You

Attend a
House Church

If you’re not ready to start one, that’s ok. Give us your information and we will connect you to a house church.

Find a Gathering

Host Responsibilities

a Place

Open up your home for people to connect.


Bring others in for the experience.

& Play

Watch and enjoy the Journey service together.


Connect with each other and with Journey Church.