3 Legacy Lanes

On Sunday, December 10, 2017 we will receive our end of year Legacy Offering. A lane gives clarity, intentionality, and focus. All three lanes are unique in their mission yet all are focused on a single purpose. Each lane has its own report to provide the Legacy Team with information on new projects, existing projects, connect opportunities, financial need and Kingdom impact. Here is what this Legacy Offering will go to:

Journey Church – The focus of this lane is to continue to fulfill the mission of Journey Church. This vision includes establishing a ministry internship residency process to equip future leaders, as well as developing a life-giving counseling and recovery center.  As we continue to grow, these are possible through the strategic development of our facilities and ministry operations as platforms for ministry that ensures we are meeting the tangible needs of people finding their way back to God.

Local Missions – Focus on local community impact, church planting, and organizations that serve communities throughout Colorado. We have strategic partnerships to serve with organizations like: Streets Hope, Wellspring Community, The Denver Street School, Bishop & South Elementary Schools. Our heart is to serve others through partnership events or outreach projects so that we can make a difference in our community throughout the year.

Global Missions – The focus is on facilitating sustainable missions strategies and initiatives with partners throughout the world. This includes resources to develop life-giving churches throughout the world in order to fulfill the Great Commission, and respond to humanitarian and/or disaster relief needs.